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About Resurfacing

Let us transform your home with you!

Choice is one thing we have plenty of, and our expert finishers can guide through all of our colour and finish options to ensure that you’ll be 100% happy, after all it’s your home. Get ready to fall in love with your home all over again, contact us today.

Resurfacing choices to suit your personal taste and décor

Choice Resurfacing is family run business of skilled finishers combining years of experience with the highest quality products to ensure that your benchtops, cabinets, splashbacks, vanities and bathtubs are resurfaced to the highest standards.

Kitchen & Bathroom transformation specialists

We are approved by Resurfacing Australia, and all projects come with our comprehensive 3 year warranty which means you can enjoy the confidence of knowing that your home is in great hands.

Fall in love with your Home all over again

As Brisbane’s room transformation specialists, we guarantee that not only you’ll love your new surfaces, you’ll also enjoy them for many years to come! Get ready to fall in love with your home all over again, contact us today.

Our 6 step transformation process:

Step 1

Silicone removal and cleaning. It is important that we thoroughly remove all minerals and substances from all surfaces that we will be transforming to ensure we achieve maximum fusing of the coating.

Step 2

Acid or sanding preparation. The approach we take to achieve he strongest fusion possible will depend on the materials that are being resurfaced.

Step 3

Repair and surface restoration. Any cracks, holes and imperfections need to treated with a high performance water resistant filler to deliver a smooth and consistent surface prior to resurfacing. This includes cabinets, benchtops, vanities and bathtubs.

Step 4

Masking off the work area. Unlike renovating, you do not need to clear rooms or remove furniture. We simply cover any walls and items not being resurfaced for their protection.

Step 5

Resurfacing process. Application of appropriate primer, coating and top coats required to ensure the correct adhesions and transform your room with the colour and style you’ve been dreaming of!

Step 6

Finishing process. After the coating has dried and cured, all masking is removed and a waterproof sealant may be applied to wet areas if required.

Ready to use!

All that’s left for you to do is relax and enjoy your fantastic new-look room transformation with the confidence of knowing that you are covered by our comprehensive 3 year warranty.